Tour Talbotton, Georgia

For a free tour brochure and information on tapes available of walking or driving tours of Talbotton, contact the Chamber office.

The driving tour of Talbotton gives insight into an era in our history when this quaint village was one of the more populous communities in the state and its citizens had surprising influence on the development of Georgia and the Nation.

The tour includes 15 historic sites that you can discover on your own or with a taped guide. Brochure and tape are available at the Chamber of Commerce on the corner Washington and Madison. Open Monday through Friday, 10-3.

Zion Episcopal Church

Online Version of the Talbotton Driving Tour

Welcome to Talbotton

Destination One
The Mansion House

Destination Two
Governor's Hill

Destination Three
The Historic Square

Destinations Four and Five
AME Church and Evelyn Wright

Destination Six
Smith-Perkins-Battle House

Destination Seven
Pew-Hill-Dean House

Destination Eight
Talbotton Methodist Church

Destination Nine
Straus-LeVert Hall

Destination Ten
Zion Episcopal Church

Destination Eleven
Blount-McCoy-Maxwell House

Destination Twelve
Talbotton Baptist Church

Destination Thirteen
Rebel Ridge

Destination Fourteen
Rose Hill Seminary

Destination Fifteen
Pou-Thornton-Olive-Calhoun House

Destination Sixteen
Straus Family Home